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Blog by Buchamer Inspection Services Ltd.

Exterior Siding Water Penetration Control

February 22nd, 2013

Rain Water Penetration Control

There are three different strategies for rain penetration control in walls: face seal,concealed barrier and rainscreen walls. Any type of cladding can be used with these three strategies. However, the performance expectations, as well as the maintenance and renewal requirements, will vary depending on the rain penetration control strategy.

Face seal wall assem ...

Bowen Island Property Inspection

February 21st, 2013

Bowen Island Home Inspection today, a beautiful 30 minute Ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay. The Property is located on Whitesails Road, small home only 1,500 square feet built in the 1970s.

Over all the home is in good condition, other than it is in desperate need of a new roof. Also when buying a Home on Bowen, make sure you also have a Septic Field Inspection, since there is no sewage system/ ...

West Vancouver Home Inspection on Marine Drive

February 20th, 2013

Finished a Home Inspection in West Vancouver Marine Drive area. The home was approximately 85 years old and 2600 square feet. This old home had several serious issues, one being old Knob & Tube wiring and the other Asbestos in the Attic insulation. These issues are unfortunately but very common in homes of this age.

Stressing the importance of have a professional Home Inspection done before ...

Condo North Vancouver Lower Lonsdale

February 19th, 2013

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to complete a Condo Inspection in Lower Lonsdale North Vancouver.

The Condo was approximately 700 square feet, and 14 years old. The Building Envelope was originally constructed was a formal Rainscreen System. The only significant issue associated to the Strata was the Underground Garage had evidence of ingress/leaking. This issue could be resolved with Epoxy ...

North Vancouver Seymour Home Inspection

February 18th, 2013
Completed a home inspection in the North Vancouver Seymour Blvd area last week . It was a single family home, approximately 20 years of age and 3500 square feet.

The Building Envelope is not Rain Screened, but face sealed, with little if any overhangs to protect the exterior wood siding. The home has been vacant for several years, has not been well looked after. Because of this, the exterior w ...