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Blog by Buchamer Inspection Services Ltd.

Home Inspection in North Vancouver Seymour

December 18th, 2015
Yesterday completed a home inspection on a home in North Vancouver Seymour area. On Treetop Road, built in 1973 approximately 1650 square feet.

Townhouse inspection in Surrey

December 16th, 2015
On Dec 09, I performed a Towhouse inspection on 65th Ave in Surrey. Built in 2000, approximately 1,400 square feet.

North Vancouver Home Inspection - Seymour Area

December 16th, 2015
Just completed a home inspection in Seymou,r North Vancouver. Built in 1964, approximately 5.5K square footage.

West Vancouver Home Inspection

December 2nd, 2015
Tomorrow will be performing a home inspection in West Vancouver, Blink Bonnie Drive.

Townhouse inspection in Vancouver

December 2nd, 2015
This morning completed a town house inspection on 2035 West 33rd Street in Vancouver